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The Ultimate Guide for Online Image Compression 

[Stepwise Tutorial, Image Compressor Ideas & FAQs]

We’re living in a modern era where image compression is used in everyday life like tea and coffee. Whether you’re a student looking to upload documents in reduced file size or a professional who wants a photo cut to size for a client. All it takes is an efficient, reliable & free image compressor tool. Don’t you agree?

Let us discover the latest and one of the best online image compression tools Tinyimgcompress. Meanwhile, we’ll also discuss the basics of image compression along with a stepwise tutorial on compressing images & much more.

Back to Basics: What is Image Compression?

Image compression is nothing but processing done on the graphics file for minimizing it in bytes. 

On the contrary, special care is taken so that the file is only reduced in bytes and the quality remains intact. For instance, if you have an image to be reduced in MB then its quality will not degrade upon compression. 

Therefore, you can store more files on your system as they’ll eat less disk space.

Why use Image Compression?

You may use the image compression feature for any reason. Some users rely on image compression for mailing a file in less file size. Others may want this feature for saving memory on a smartphone or PC. 

In other cases, some may voluntarily utilize image compression for uploading images to sites in reduced file size.

In short, you may need this feature for any given reason. TinyImg will stand up to your expectations every time you trust it for the job.

What are the ways you compress an image?

Stating simply, you’ve got two ways of compressing an image/file. You either do it using compression software or online image compression tools. 

Unless you’re a professional who is concerned with everyday compression requirements, you should go for online compressor tools.

In most cases, users choose to compress images or files on the go with the help of tools like TinyImgcompress. 

They’re hassle-free, cost-free & legit. So, it depends on your preferences whether you’re willing to use online image compressors or install/purchase the software. You’ll get the compressed image readily in either way.

How do compress images easily step?

The major issue while compressing image files is to compress JPG and PNG Sizes significantly without losing quality. Let us guide you with a stepwise tutorial on image compression using TinyImg.

Step-1: Go to tinyimgcompress.com. It is a handy tool that allows compressing images in seconds.

Step-2: Scroll through the homepage & find the image compressor tool.

Step-3: Click to upload or drag and drop the image file.

Step-4: Once your image is uploaded successfully, click ‘Compress’ & your image will be compressed by the advanced tool.

Step-5: Download & save your compressed image. If you have compressed multiple images together then you may choose to download a zip too.

Where to Find the best image compressor?

Your search for the best image compressor ends with TinyImg. This tool is uniquely designed to meet your entire file and image compression requirements in one place. It happens to be your legit compressor that works efficiently for a broad spectrum of file types. It can justify as:

Besides this, it is known for high-quality image compression in a jiffy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.1) How to compress the image?

The common steps for compressing the image happen to be:

Q.2) How to compress a JPEG, WEBP, or HEIC image?

You can compress a JPEG, WEBP, or HEIC image as follows:

Q.3) How to compress a PNG image?

You can compress a PNG image as follows:

Q.4) How to reduce the image dimensions based on KB or MB?

You’ve got a tool for this! Try TinyImgcompress and your image dimensions can be reduced according to KB or MB requirements.

You can minimize your file size to 100 KB or 1 MB whether it is your JPG, PNG, JPEG, or another image file.

Q.5) How to compress multiple images at the same time?

TinyImg is a tool that helps you compress multiple images at a time. 

Simply select multiple images you’re willing to compress & zip together. 

Drag and drop them into the Tinyimgcompress tool. 

It’ll compress it in seconds & you can choose to ‘compress’ & ‘download zip’ as desired.

Q.6) How can I reduce JPEG file size?

Compressing your JPEG file can reduce its size. You can compress your JPEG file as follows:

Q.7) How do I reduce the MB size of a photo?

Your photo can be cut to size in MB as you compress it with TinyImgcompress. Here is how you do it:

 Q.8) How do I reduce the file size of an image?

The best way to reduce the file size of any image is to compress it. Alternatively, if you have a group of files to resize and reduce their file size then you can download a zip of compressed images. Here are the steps for reducing the file size of an image:

Q.9) How to reduce the image size in KB/MB?

The following are the steps directing you for reducing the image size in KB/MB:

Q.10) Are Online JPEG compressors safe?

Mostly, Online JPEG compressors are considered safe as they don’t save your images. They simply work as compressor tools for you. 

TinyImgcompress is one of the best & 100% file safety compressors online. Give it a try if you haven’t already!

Q.11) Which is the best image compressor?

Our opinion for the best image compressor drills down to TinyImgcompress. We’ve tried and tested numerous tools online & even software. 

TinyImgcompress happens to be one of the most convenient, free & efficient instant image compressors. 

It works cool for individuals as well as professionals who need to compress images regularly. Try it & you’ll never be disappointed.

Q.12) How do I compress a high-quality PNG file?

Compressing a high-quality PNG file is a real deal. Here is how you can do it:

TinyImgCompress is your simple solution for Compress images online. Access all the tools you need to enhance your images easily, straight from the web, with 100% security.

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