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    Spherical tent

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    Spherical tent
    Spherical tent


    A tent, also known as a tent, a German greenhouse, etc., is a temporary or semi-permanent building mainly composed of an alloy profile or a steel frame and a tarpaulin. It is a movable building. The tent mainly provides industrial storage and logistics distribution. Various temporary activities, such as outdoor exhibitions, sports events, tourism and leisure, business gatherings, celebrations, business promotion, military use, and disaster relief.

    The tents are available in a variety of styles and can be divided into three categories depending on the shape:

    1. The first type A tent is also called a gable top. The activity tents are the most widely used spans, from outdoor commercial promotion to large-scale exhibitions.

    2. The second type of awning tent. The bottom is square and the roof is like a spire. Elegant appearance.

    3, the third spherical tent, the dome is called "the strongest space, the lightest weight, the most effective design." Using a rigid and robust structure, you can temporarily hang light and sound equipment to decorate and fill you Activity space.

    Tent advantages:

    1. Flexible and convenient

    Easy to install and disassemble, free to choose the site, can be built in different environments.

    2. Safe and secure

    Aluminum alloy frame, steel parts connection, high frequency welding of PVC tarpaulin, fixed base, super strong mechanical properties.

    3. Perfect service

    Pre-sale, sale, and after-sales tracking services, the first time feedback, solution.

    4. Personality satisfaction

    It can design and produce individual tents according to requirements, with elegant appearance and corresponding supporting facilities (hard wall, high partition, top sill, side sill, floor, furniture, lighting, air conditioning, mobile toilet, European fence)

    5. Wide range of applications

    Commercial exhibitions, festivals, catering and entertainment, logistics and warehousing, outdoor recreation, convenient municipal administration, etc., all kinds of outdoor temporary activities have a place.